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  • 8 stages of filtration

  • Reverse osmosis system

  • Mineralization technology

  • Bioceramic activator

  • Water structuraliser 

  • NewLine technology

  • Compact size

  • Undersink

  • 5 year warranty

Molecular Water Filtration System based on reverse osmosis with a water structuraliser installed on the inlet water, 3-stage prefiltration and carbon post-filter, mineralising cartridge and bio-ceramic resonator. 

Prefiltration is based on patented NewLine cartridges
In comparison with standard cartridges, NewLine cartridges possess an increased filtration capacity. Additionally, their innovative construction allows for an easy replacement without the necessity to use any tools. Molecular filtration technology purifies the source water up to 0,0001 micron and removes e.g. heavy metals, radioactive and carcinogenic elements. Usage of mineralisation technology reintroduces beneficial minerals into water.

The aim of reverse osmosis technology is to purify water chemically by removing harmful substances. Additionally, the use of water structuraliser will change physical properties of water.

Structural technology is only the technology of information transmission. Nothing is added or removed from water, only its physical structure is changed. Scientists discovered that except for chemical purification water needs also modification of its physical structure. In the past, when there was no civilisation, the water used to have hexagonal structure. Physical hexagonal structure of water has decisive influence on transportation of oxygen, nutritive substances and minerals to cells of living organisms. Development of civilisation and increase of pollution have damaged this primordial structure of water causing formation of clusters (groups of water particles). The aim of water revitalisation is to bring back its primordial structure (hexagonal structure), its natural energy and information.


Data RO 8 [ARO-8-NL]
Filtration stages 8 stages of filtration
Temperature of feeding water                                                    2 ÷ 38ºC
Type of cartridge


Pressure of feednig water 2,8 ÷ 6,0 bar
Maximum water salinity 2000 ppm (mg/l)
Cartridge replacement

Prefilter every 3-6 months
GAC every 6 months
Membrane every 2-5 years
Postfilter every 6 months

Bio-ceramic resonator and water structuraliser every 12 months

Width (cm)
Diameter (cm)
Height (cm)
Max water flow (litres per day)
Maximum water flow in all types of RO depends on membrane type:

- for 75 GPD membrane is 270 l/day

The above specification is applicable for the appropriate temperature, salinity,
water pressure (temp. 25ºC, pressure 60psi)* values


*When the following conditions are met: Hardness < 85 mg/l; TDS < 2000 ppm; Chlorine < 0,1 ppm; SDI < 5; pH 3 - 11; Fe < 0,01 mg/l; Mn < 0,05 mg/l; Turbidity < 1 NTU

Set includes: faucet, tank and a set of connectors

Bluefilters - water filtration based on the patented NewLine cartridges

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