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Chlorine is added to our drinking water - to make it 'safe' for human consumption, because it is the most economical and efficient killer of almost all microorganisms such as bacteria e.g However, in spite of being helpful - chlorine can have a negative impact on our health.

Do you know that chlorine used to purify drinking water supplies to: simply, remove CHLORINE from the shower!

  • Heart attacks (according to "Coronaries, Cholesterol, Chlorine" by Joseph m. Price, MD). Dr. Price states that "chlorine is the chemical catalyst that initiates damage to the arteries and the buildup of cholesterol deposits, ultimately leading to heart attacks"

  • Bladder and rectal cancer. People who drink chlorinated water are at a 21 percent higher risk of developing bladder cancer and at a 38 percent higher risk of developing rectal cancer.

What is more, chlorine in water chemically bonds with the protein in our bodies, making hair brittle and dry, and making sensitive skin dry and itchy. Chlorine acts as oxidizer to our hair colur and especially if your hair is colour treated, you will have longer lasting, better colour, as a result of chlorine - free water.

Dear Ladies! Don't spend millions of dollars each year on moisturizers and conditioners to fight dryness, sensitive skin and dry, brittle hair.

Remove chlorine from drinking water and the shower as well!


your water

6 reasons to drink water

  1. Moisturizes our skin from the inside out
  2. Reduces the risk of heart attack
  3. Helps to prevent dryness
  4. Helps to lose weight
  5. Flushes toxins from our body
  6. Regulates body temperature 
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